Create Professional Email Signatures for Zoho Mail

Manage personal and corporate email signatures in your Zoho Mail account. Use Newoldstamp to maintain powerful email marketing with no effort.

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Newoldstamp Email Signatures for Zoho Mail

Create email signatures for the whole team

Make sure everyone in your team follows brand guidelines. And not by telling them to update their signatures all the time. Create one template in a specific department and send it to all your colleagues to fill their info. Simple as that.

Generate more traffic to your website and social media profiles. Or use email signature banners to promote specific pages and generate leads from email - the most trusted business communication channel.

Email signature marketing for Zoho Mail

You won’t have to involve any developers or designers to create Zoho email signatures for your team. Create, duplicate, and send all corporate email signatures directly from the dashboard. Change banners and set up email campaigns in a couple of clicks. Literally.

Customizable email signature templates allow you to make every signature look the way you need. Use your branded colors combined with one of 30 templates from Newoldstamp gallery to make your email footers truly unique and noticeable.

Professional email signature design
Secure Zoho Mail signatures

As Newoldstamp is an independent email signature software, you do not need to install, integrate, or provide access to any part of our software to your servers. Our cutting-edge technologies grant you secure and transparent usage and management of your signatures.

How to Make a Zoho Mail Signature Truly Professional?

Email signature management Zoho Mail
Email signature for Zoho Mail

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How to Add a Signature to Zoho Mail?

Using Newoldstamp to manage email signatures in Zoho Mail is easy because the installation process is as simple as it gets.

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Works with 

Gmail email client
Thunderbird email client
Apple  mail email client
IOS mail email client
Outlook email client
Yahoo email client

Create signatures for your team

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Email Signature Generator

Why Choose Newoldstamp to Manage Zoho Mail Signatures?

Create a professional email signature for Zoho Mail

Newoldstamp makes creating and managing email signatures really simple. All you need is a few minutes of your time and a bit of creativity.

1. Go to the editor where you can create your first Newoldstamp email signature.

2. Choose a template that you think will fit your style (or company guidelines) the best.

3. Fill in your basic information and contact details. Make sure you add your position and company.

4. Upload a professional photo of yours. This will add a personal touch to every email you send with Zoho Mail.

5. Add social media icons that will make your profiles visible to anyone who receives an email from you.

6. Use the Signature Apps section that has a lot of useful necessities like email disclaimers, AppStore and Google Play download buttons, call-to-action link presets, and more.

7. If you want your Zoho Mail signature to drag the most attention, use a banner from Newoldstamp’s gallery. It contains powerful CTAs and nobody can miss its eye-catching designs.

Add email signature to Zoho Mail

Create an Email Signature and Get the Most from Zoho Mail communication

Surely an email signature is a small thing that does not take much effort from the owner. But it doesn’t mean that it’s not necessary at all. In fact, the whole signature creating process being so simple with an online generator like Newoldstamp means you get a lot for a small price.

The Return on Investment for email signature marketing can reach up to 35000%, which is awesome. On the other hand, not having a professional email signature in Zoho Mail means losing an opportunity to promote your brand or simply get more visitors is social media.

If you want to use the most from email signature marketing, make sure your signature in Zoho mail has:

check icon

Your full name, position, and company

check icon

Contact details, such as phone numbers and emails

check icon

Professional photo or company logo

check icon

Social media icons linked to your profiles

check icon

CTA buttons or banners to promote any content

Customizable templates
Banner campaigns
Central management

Customizable Templates

Central Management

Banner Campaigns

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Create consistent signatures for the whole team

Start using email signature marketing

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Managing signatures with Newoldstamp takes minutes

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Beautiful design with no actual designers

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Feel secure with Newoldstamp

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Create an email signature by following these steps:

1. If you have your email signature ready, click the ‘Save and install’ button in Newoldstamp editor. If you already use Newoldstamp and have some signatures, you can just click the ‘Use’ button in the Dashboard.

2. Select ‘Other’ in the list of email clients, then click ‘Copy and Proceed’.

3. Go to your Zoho Mail account and in the top right corner click ‘Mail Settings’, then ‘Signature’.

4. Click the + icon to create a new signature. A popup will appear.

5. Name your signature and paste it from Newoldstamp (Ctrl+V or Command+V). Click ‘Save’.

Steps to install your Zoho Mail signature: