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Use a simple and powerful Newoldstamp email signature management tool. Easily create and set up signatures for your whole team in Spark.

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Simply installation

Using Newoldstamp Email Signatures for Spark Means 

Creative Design 

Creative email signature design

Simple Installation 

Easy Management 

Easy email signature management

Making an Email Signature for Spark Is Easy! 

Newoldstamp allows creating custom email signatures with a powerful editor. You can add your logo, social media icons, call-to-action buttons, and banners from the gallery. If you need branding signatures for your team, we have a useful ‘Master Signature’ functionality and departments setup.

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Professional email signatures for Spark on macOS, iOS, and Android

Newoldstamp email signature editor and dashboard are built with the same philosophy as the Spark mail app. It is simple and full of useful features you would actually need. We made sure it is intuitively easy to add signature on Spark email.

Create email signatures without tech and design team

Create email signatures without involving Tech and Design Teams

Do you feel that creating signatures is a time-consuming and too complicated process because of involving so many people? Set up and change signature on Spark email according to the branding guidelines by yourself using our editor with live preview. No design or coding skills are required. 

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Create multiple signatures for your team in a few minutes

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Do you need to set up each signature individually or share long guidelines with your team? Set up the master signature template according to the branding guidelines. Quickly create any number of signatures based on the design without duplicating each signature individually.

Create multiple signatures for your team

Simple signatures installation process 

Share ready-to-use email signatures with your colleagues or distribute a link to the online email signature generator with the predefined marketing template to update their business contacts details like phone and email address.

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Measure the performance of email signature campaigns 

Make data-driven decisions with our analytics. Track banner impressions of your email signature marketing campaigns, measure link and call-to-action clicks in real-time. Compare the effectiveness of the campaigns launched in the different segments. All in one place. 

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Measure the performance of email signature campaigns
Cross-platform and mobile-friendly  email signatures

Be sure that every signature sent looks professional and consistent across email clients and email service providers. We support major email clients and email service providers: Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Spark, and others. Also, Spark is one of the few apps that allow using email signatures in Android.

Make your email signature cross-platform and mobile-friendly 

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How to Create an Email Signature in Spark that Truly Shines 

Add up to 4 social icons

Email signature with social icons
Simple email signature

Make your email signature simple

Spark email signature unlocks your creativity. However, don't overdo with the number of your contacts, additional information, and general signature style. 

Add your photo

Using a professional photo in your signature can increase the trust and credibility of your email, as recipients understand who they’re dealing with.

Simple email signature
Color email signature

Even though you can use as many colors as you want, we recommend limiting it to two. Also, make sure these are your company colors. 

Stay moderate with your color palette

Among all your social accounts, choose the most relevant and active ones to link to your email signature. 

Try to stick to 3-4 lines of your contact information and save some place to add other relevant data.

Short email signature

Keep your email signature short

Set up a signature to your smartphone

Email signature for your smartphone

You can install your email signature on iPhone Spark Mail App. Just copy your signature and paste it in the settings.

Simple signatures installation process
Email signature for Spark  client

Try All the Features of Professional Email Signature Generator by Newoldstamp 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How to setup an email signature in Spark?

How to create an email signature in Spark?

How to add social media icons to Spark email? 

What social media icons do you have available for Spark?

To create an email signature in Spark, use Newoldstamp editor. After you finish it, click ‘Save and install,’ choose ‘Other’ tab, and click ‘Copy and proceed.’ Now open ‘Preferences’ in the Spark app and find ‘Signatures’ setting. Paste your signature and choose it to show by ‘Default.’ Don’t forget to click ‘Save.’ Learn more.

Creating an email signature in Spark is simple with Newoldstamp. Open the editor and choose all the elements you want to see in your signature. For instance, input some basic contact information, upload your photo/logo, choose social media icons and their appearances.
Then, setup CTA buttons and use a banner from Newoldstamp gallery (or upload your own) to promote your blog or event, schedule a meeting or call, etc. Click ‘Save and install’ and follow the steps in the previous question.
Also, you can easily use Newoldstamp email signatures on Android with Spark. Learn more.
There is a dedicated field for social media icons in the Newoldstamp email signature editor. It goes right below the ‘Photo or Logo’ section. You can add as many social icons as you like by clicking the ‘Show more’ button. There is a link field for each social media icon too.
Just install your email signature to Spark mail as described above, and you’ll have any social media icons you need conveniently placed in your professional email signature.

Newoldstamp has a gallery of more than 230 social media icons. You can find all of them in the editor’s ‘Social Icons’ section. Notice that we do not advise adding more than five icons to your Spark email signature so that it doesn’t look cluttered.

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Works with 

Gmail email client
Thunderbird email client
Apple  mail email client
IOS mail email client
Outlook email client
Yahoo email client

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